Samba 4.0 released

Samba 4.0 has been released which includes full Active Directory support. I will be looking into running a small domain controller and will post a few tutorials showing how to get everything setup with both Windows and Linux.

Official wiki HOWTO here:

Thanks for this tutorial!

I am working on a Ubuntu 12.10 and installing Samba 4.0.1(since 4.0.0 is not available)
all went well will adding users,
I encountered an error while adding a user “Client1”, here’s the response:
ERROR(ldb): Failed to add user ‘Client1’: -objectclass: Cannot add CN=Client1, CN=Users,DC=mydomain,DC=local, parent does not exist.


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Hide a folder in Samba

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This tutorial will guide you through setting up a Samba 4 Domain Controller using Active Directory on Ubuntu Server 12.04. Samba 4 is the first version of Samba that have full Active Directory support and will allow newer versions of Windows (7 and 8) to join the domain without any …

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